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Boarding Facility

Our boarding facility is divided into three parts.  All of our boarding areas are kept meticulously clean and your pets are cared for by a team of responsible and trained boarding specialists.  The benefit of having a boarding facility on the hospital premises is that your pets are supervised by our medical staff should they have a medical need or a medical emergency.  Older and sick pets can comfortably be boarded with us knowing that our medical staff will supervise them at all times.  We divide our boarding facility into:

  • Luxury Suites - with television sets, large runs, glass enclosure to minimize noise.
  • Regular Suites - Large runs where your pets are comfortable and walked  3 times per day in our private fenced yard.
  • Cat Boarding - Our feline friends enjoy the luxury of private condos set apart from their canine pals.  All with separate "potty" areas and often times a multi-suite accomodation.  Also present are balconies where they and have a view of the outside world.
  • Specialty Boarding - Our "special needs" patients can safely be boarded even if sick or very old.  We place them in a special hospital boarding area where they are constantly supervised and monitored by our medical staff.